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Discover ActiECO+ and ActiECO+ Green: revolutionize your production with our sustainable solution

Our ActiECO+ and ActiECO+ Green vulcanization activators simplify your production and minimize environmental impact.

Key benefits :

  • 1:1 substitution: Easily replace conventional zinc oxides.
  • Cost and quality: improve blends while reducing costs.
  • Environmentally-friendly: non-ecotoxic formulas with low heavy metal content.
  • Sustainability: Extend shelf life and support sustainable production.
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Our solutions

Silox develops a wide range of zinc and sulfur derivatives, marketed worldwide

What are our strengths?

Our zinc and sulfur derivatives are used in a wide range of applications such as technical rubbers and tires, pulp and paper, textiles, chemicals, catalysts, polymers, ceramics, personal care and cosmetics, human and animal nutrition, and many others.

In particular, Silox is the world leader in bleaching reducers for mechanical pulps, and in vulcanization activators for technical rubbers.

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We innovate

Backed by our recognized expertise, and in collaboration with various partners, we actively pursue the development of new products, technologies, processes, services and applications, both independently and as part of research projects supported by various organizations.

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Sustainable development

We draw on the Silox Group’s sustainable development approach

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