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Silox has been developing and marketing sodium hydrosulfite-based reducing and bleaching agents for over 70 years.

We have both “zinc dust” and “sodium formate” processes for our sulfur derivatives.

Our products, marketed in solid and liquid form, have been developed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of industries.

We also offer a range of sodium and zinc sulfoxylates for the textile and polymerization industries.

Sodium hydrosulfite

Three versions of sodium hydrosulfite are available:

  • SiBrite™, a liquid product that can be formulated on demand;
  • Hydros™, a high-purity solid product (>89%);
  • HY-BRITE®, a solid specialty product formulated with stabilizing agents to meet our customers’ specific needs.

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Sodium sulfoxylates Safolite®

Zinc sulfoxylates Safolin®

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    Pulp and paper

    Our sodium hydrosulfite is used in the paper industry to bleach pulp, improving paper quality and brightness. Its specific properties enable it to comply with safety and environmental standards: Blaue Engel, EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, etc.


    We supply sodium hydrosulfite to remove impurities from fabrics, ensuring effective bleaching and better dyeing. Its specific properties enable it to comply with safety and environmental standards: ZDHC, GOTS, Oeko-Tex, etc.

    Household products

    Our sodium hydrosulfite is used in household cleaners as a stain remover.

    Fiber recycling

    Used clothing and textile production waste with a high cellulose content are collected. Textiles are shredded, bleached with sodium hydrosulfite and transformed into a "dissolving paste" made from 100% recycled textiles, which is fed back into the textile production value chain as a biobased substitute of equal quality to virgin materials.


    Sodium hydrosulfite is used in the pharmaceutical industry as an intermediate and stabilizer to facilitate the synthesis of complex molecules.

    Human nutrition

    Our sulfur derivatives are used to treat water and certain foods (jaggery, sugar, honey and gelatin).


    Our solutions are essential ingredients, serving as catalysts. Our products contribute to the creation of more stable, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly chemicals.